The project team would like to thank the separated children, guardians, social workers, professionals of organizations and representatives of national, regional and local institutions who accepted to contribute to the GATE field research by sharing with us their time, competences, personal experiences and feelings.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to all of them and we tried our best to carefully reflect the richness and preciousness of their thinking, dedication and experience.

We would like to thank Max Frezzato and Eleonora Trinca for the original and imaginative design of the cards which were used during the narrative sessions carried out with children, as well as Yoge design for the elaboration of the layout of this report and for their availability and continuous support.

In this project, as well as in the previous ones, we decided to put children at the centre of our attention and analysis. It is not up to us to say if we managed to do so within this project, but we will surely continue to work in this direction.


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